Spring Mix - An Island SoapBox Mixtape

So I've been thinking about putting a little "mix-tape" playlist together for a while now, and I've finally followed through with it.  It's basically a bunch of favourites from albums featured here on the blog.  It's a little self serving, I know :)  but at the same time, it's a killer playlist and these are some of my favourite tunes!  It's just a shade over 50 minutes if your interested.  Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think!

1. Sasha Lewis -
Reasons from
the album Rooted

2. The Mountains and the Trees - Miniumum Wage Lovers from the album I made this for You

3. Folk Thief - A light for liberty from the album Love Heartache & Oblivion

4. The Sheepdogs - The one you belong to from the album Learn and Burn

5. Treelines - Ghost Towns from the album Young Man

6. Dan Kosub - Til I'm there from the album Jacob's Island

7. Jeremy Fisher - Alison from the album Flood

8. Ryan Van Bellegham - If I come back this way from the album Another Man

9. Lady Hayes - Recipe for Disaster from the album Opening Hearts & Apertures

10. Shortwave - Motown from the album The Skyline Verses

11. The Ruby Spirit - Caligari from the album Born under a Veil

12. Henry and the Nightcrawlers - Fan the Flames from the album 100 Blows

13. Alli Sunshiine and the Blue Sparrows - House of Hanover from the album The Muse E.P.

14. Katie Schaan - You from the album Close to Me

15. Christopher Arruda - We'd be good men from the album Swain E.P.

So thanks to some hard work from Twitter friends Pawnshop Manual, there is a YouTube Playlist of all but two songs here! Thanks so much guys!

That's it.  Some music from all over that I really enjoy.          

Looking forward to hearing what you think, and about your mixes!

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