Peacock Calls, Goose Poop & Castle Grounds... Just another day

Cyler got some action shots on his cell.
Well it's about time I write something on here.  Sorry for the laziness folks, I'd love to have some sort of great excuse, but I don't.  So let's move on here people :)

I spent the morning at Royal Roads University, the lovely Ellisa Hartman was in town (her boyfriend Pete playing the roll of Trooper, and driving Ellisa into town at 4 a.m.), Magmazing's Adam Lee, and my good friend/kick ass photographer Cyler Parent were there to collaboratively produce some gold.  Using Hatley Castle and the surrounding grounds as their back drop, they had a great photo session, and shot a couple of videos (including some brand new material).

The location was amazing, and the talent equalled her surroundings easily.  There will be some great sessions coming online shortly, I can't wait to see the results myself!  Even with the cooler temperatures, everyone was excited to be working, and it was a great way to spend the morning.  Look for Ellisa's new album to be available in hard copy soon, as well as photo and video from today!

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