Summer Shows

Hello all, it's been too long :) Thanks for clicking over, since it's been so long between posts.  Originally I wasn't even going to post anything, because it's been so long, but these people have got me off my lazy ass, and here we are.

Dan Kosub is lighting up Lucky Bar this Saturday evening (July 23), releasing "Jacobs Island" to the Island faithful.  Dan's been super pumped for this show for months, and it should be a great night at the downtown Victoria establishment.  "Aurelia" is probably my favourite tune from Dan, mostly because I grew up in "Orillia, Ontario", and the words sound the same.  I didn't say it was deep, I'm just telling you why I like it ;).  Dan is a really nice guy, and I'd love to know his hard work was rewarded with a killer crowd this Saturday, so get out there!

On Wednesday July 27, Mr. Something Something will be coming through town as well.  They have a really fun sound, and their live show reputation is nothing short of awesome.  A great local music promoter Nathan Ambrose put me onto these guys, and I'm glad he did.  Get over to Metropolis for this Mid-week night out.

Well I don't have much more than that right now, just had to make sure I got these two items up.  Hope you guys dig it, enjoy your summer and see you soon!