Catch a ferry to Jacob's Island

Looks like I'm not finishing that Toronto kick anytime soon.  Dan Kosub call's Ontario's capital home, and he is set to release Jacob's Island March 8th. I'm really enjoying E.P.'s lately, they seem like such a great way to create buzz and excitement for more from the artist.  Kosub's latest works are no different.  Six solid tracks, and now I sit and wait for the tour...

With an upbeat sound, and a great voice, it's an easy album to fall into.  Kosub sounds like he's been releasing albums for years.  "House Arrest" and "Til I'm there" are my two favourites.  I love the instruments in "House Arrest", and "Til I'm there" is a killer song to start the album off with, Kosub's singing pulling you in immediately.

This talented singer/songwriter has tour dates lined up in Ontario to support this latest release.  He also has plans of hitting the road hard this summer, making his way out here to Victoria and then heading back.  Bringing Jacob's Island with him, gives us all the chance to visit and take in the sights and sounds.

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