Live Acts, the ones I loved and the ones I look forward to

Is it New Year's yet?
Well we're still in that "Year in Review" part of the calender, and I've enjoyed writing these articles.  I am quite excited for Joel Plaskett tomorrow night here in Victoria, and using that as inspiration I've decided to list the live shows from the past year that I really enjoyed, and an act I really want to get out and see.

Mangan and his band at
Alix Goolden Hall
Dan Mangan at Alix Goolden Hall was a really great show.  It was awesome to see him live, after reading reviews of his shows across the country.  Every review seemed to be positive, and it was quite obvious why.  Musically the band could not have been any better, and the fun they shared with the crowd really gave the concert an intimate feeling.  You would be hard pressed to find someone that didn't like Mangan live.

Christina Maria at Lucky Bar

One performance I won't forget from this past year was Christina Maria at Girls with Guitars 2.  Although the majority of the crowd had left, it didn't seem to faze her.  Her performance was amazing.  If you left that show early, you missed out.  It's hard to keep everyones attention in a bar, especially a half empty one, but that's exactly what she did.

Christopher Arruda was brilliant to watch.  We got to see a set of his at Lyme Aid 5 in Victoria, and he was great to see in action.  It was a good set, and it really made me want to see a show that is his own.  With a band and a Grand Piano, I think this guy would blow some peoples minds.

The Malahat Revue at Sugar Nightclub
(Photo Courtesy: Jonathan Taggart http://www.jonathantaggart.com/)
I would have to say there wasn't a show I went to this year that I didn't like.  But I can't very well write about them all again here.  So the last act I'll mention that I enjoyed is The Malahat Revue.  A ridiculous group of musicians got together and played as though they've been a super-group for years.  The fact that they biked from show to show made it all the more awesome.  The best part?  Jeremy Fisher said recently they have some news coming in the New Year, possibly another tour?

And finally an act I am anxious to see.  I am going to Ontario to visit the family in June, and I've just realized that the dates line-up with North by NorthEast.  Although I won't be in Toronto that entire time, I am really hoping The Ruby Spirit will be playing a night I have available.  I really enjoyed their album this year, and have been curious to see their live show.  They really intrigue me and I think it would be quite a spectacle.

Of course there are plenty of other artists I would like to see in the New Year, but I'm even more curious to know what you will be seeing?  What artists did you love from this past season?  Let me know all about your favourite live acts guys, and thank you so much for reading!

Santa photo courtesy blogs.smarter.com


  1. Whoa, if you only know The Ruby Spirit from their record, I am kind of jealous. You don't even know what awaits you with the live show!

  2. That's what I was hoping for Sean, everything I hear about these guys makes me think the live show is extremely fun!