"Our First Christmas" Tis the Season to listen...

Light Organ Records has arrived on the scene in time for Christmas 2010.  Giving us "Our First Christmas" An album featuring all sorts of local acts, and all sorts of Christmas songs that don't suck.

I'm not sure what it is about traditional Christmas music, but I've never really enjoyed it.  So when Christmas music comes around that I do enjoy, it is all the more exciting. This way I can feel more in tune with the season, and less like a Grinch!

You can tell right from the first note it's a seasonal listen.  Bells jingle and "Fa la la, fa la la" is sung perfectly by Adaline & Frederick.  The song "Let's stay inside" is a wonderful start with a great BC feel.

The Zolas actually have one of my favourite songs on the album right up next simply called "Snow".  Admittedly this is a group I don't know much about, but the after hearing this jam and really, really liking it, I'm going to check more of them out!

As usual, I won't go through every track here with you guys, but there is one more I really enjoyed.  The Fugitives put forth "Christmas at the Office Party".  It's a very enjoyable acoustic diddy, and it contains my favourite line on the album.  "Christmas, fuck yeah...fuck yeah".  I mean how good is that?  Toss in a little Harp for good measure and you have me sold.

It's great to see Light Organ Records giving us more access to local content.  This is an excellent Christmas album, and a great way to introduce yourself to some bands you may not have heard yet.  I strongly suggest giving it a spin this holiday season, it is after all, Christmas music that doesn't suck.

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