Aged to living room perfection...

So there she is, our sweet "new-to-you" floor model record player.  Pretty excited about it, but I don't have a lot of experience with vinyl.  It was a bit of a process to get this baby working, but she spins like a charm now, and with a fresh coat of paint, it looks pretty nice too!

So this brings me to the point of this blog.  I want to know what you guys think of records? Anything and everything!  What are some of your favourite records?  Maybe you think record players are dumb, and wonder why people still spin them?  Do you have a funny moving day story about one of these bad boys? This particular player had the original manual, and was dated 1976.  What year is yours from?  Feel free to comment below, or email me, feel free to send pics and I will post them!

I only have four records right now (well six, but the two John Denver one's will be making their way back to a thrift shop :).  They are:

Frank Sinatra - My Way
Dean Martin - I can't give you anything but love
Gordon Lightfoot - The Way I Feel
Great Lake Swimmers - Lost Channels + Bonus Live at Trinity St. Paul's 7"

All comments/emails by Oct. 6 at 11:59 pm will be entered to win an autographed album, and a CBC Radio 3 T-Shirt!
Tell me your vinyl stories people! :)


  1. Anonymous2.10.10

    I like to listen to my records while having dinner. it's a great hobby to have :)

  2. We love to listen to music at dinner too :) Anything in particular?

  3. Adam, we had an old electrohome too. I cannot tell you how many times we rocked the whole house, (we were a big, boistrous bunch) and the rule was you couldn't dance within 3 feet of the stereo or you'd skip the record... Some of the albums became barely audible beyond the sound of the scratches but we played them to death nonetheless! Led Zepplin In Through the Out Door, Supertramp Crime of the Century, James Taylor Sweet Baby James, Styx Grand Illusion, Queen A Night at the Opera, Glenn Miller, and Mozart... we did it all!

  4. That's amazing Dee! Sounds like music was a big part of growing up for you :) I like the 3 foot rule, it's just funny to picture!

  5. After my heart with a record player like that! Enjoy the listening. Thanks so much for coming to our show and spreading the word.
    Most sincerely,

  6. She is a beauty isn't she? :) Thanks for commenting Katie, hopefully we can get some Pawnshop Diamond material on Vinyl someday soon!