The Ride: Update 6 - Tis the Season

We head into the first weekend of December, and it's time for my weekly update! Another exciting week for my fundraising goals, as we've passed the $1000 mark, thank you all again! We're doing some kick ass work together I must say ;)

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Our next rider meeting is coming up this Tuesday, so I will pass any juicy tidbits along from there as well. Hopefully it will get us one step closer to getting on the bikes, and I can start updating you all on my training rides and such. As well as it will allow me to hopefully start a few of the other fundraising ideas I have.

Training has been going better and better I think! I've been really enjoying the gym days, getting more and more comfortable. I've even gone on my own a few times now and seem to be doing pretty well on my own too, which is very exciting. I also got out for a good 15k run this week, and mixed in a bunch of hills along the way. Even with all the hills my time was as fast as I've ever been, so that's  positive as well! I really need to get on the bike so I can see how much of that will convert into the saddle.

I'm also doing some "cross training" up on Grouse over the winter on the ole snowboard, I figure that's a great treat for myself to call it training, and I have access to the mountain this winter, so I might as well take advantage! Let me know if you're heading up sometime, I'd love to meet some new faces out there! Shoot me an email here if you like.

I have to do another special thank you to all my personal donors so far, Paulo Almeida, Derek Snider, Dee Girdler, Jeff Lawrence, Steve Colterman, Jordan Cunningham, Justine and Craig, Erin Glazier, Cheryl Bloxham, Tyver Wilhelm, Thayne Gilliatt, Megan Hamilton, Erin Barker, Bob Gray, Delores Laszuk, Jason Hallman, Melissa Leib, Jill Constantine, Tony Ambrogio, Paige Clarke, Mark Stephenson, Roger Lafleur, Dan Lorimer, Steph Scott, Aunt Denise and all you anonymous donors! You guys rock, this is so amazing, thank you!

That's about it for this week, thanks for stopping by, hit me up with anything you'd like to see! See you all next week :)

Happy Riding!

A great Shad jam from his new album that I've been digging so much :)