The Ride: Update 7 - Bout time I wrote on here!

Well sorry it's been so long people, I've got no legitimate excuses for you. But I'm back now, and that's all that matters right? ;)

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Fundraising has gone amazingly since the last update, as we're currently sitting at $2500!! Tons more sponsors and some huge donations have climbed this hill quickly, I couldn't be more appreciative. The pressure of fundraising is off, and now the pressure of actually being in shape enough to ride this course is taking over.  It's such an awesome challenge to take on though, I'm more excited every day.

We went on our first group ride this weekend, a group of 5 of us went from downtown Vancouver out to the Burnaby/Coquitlam border and back. Took us a little over two hours and was great fun! It's very enjoyable to ride with a few more people, you have a great mass as a group and can't help but get noticed more by other vehicles and pedestrians alike. It's a very nice safe feeling, and I look forward to more group rides in the future.

This week I'll be looking to keep the two hour training rides going, maybe even try and push for a 3 hour ride at some point. My body is responding to the bike nicely so far, so I think I can push a bit more and see how it goes.

The bike is amazing to ride. It's so fast and capable. You can ride for an hour and feel like you've barely started, so I want to get out and push and really wear myself out, find that line right now. :)

The next update I will post a picture or two of the new bike, maybe even a shot or two from a ride I get out for this week.  Is there a spot in Vancouver you'd like to see a picture of? It would give me a destination! Send me your requests here, and I'll take it on as a personal challenge! :)

Til next week, happy riding!