Feel the R3 Love

Can you feel the love around here?
I am still way too excited to be part of this! So many good blogs and websites are on the list, and it seems everyone knows each other some way or another.  In spirit of this, I'm going to do a little contest! Leave a comment below for who you will be voting for.   I'm gonna give out a prize or two to some people that leave comments randomly!  I have a bad-ass CBC Radio 3 shirt that just makes sense to give away first.  And of course make sure you vote daily, a winner will be announced March 10! 


  1. I will be voting for Painting over Silence, because it's from Winnipeg!

  2. I got love for all you Pegger's, anyone who puts up with that winter is good in my books! :) Thanks for posting Matt!

  3. Tegan and Sara - cuz they're awesome

    3 AM Revelations - because that's when they happen

    and more I'm sure once I get to check 'em out.

  4. Been voting for IslandSoapBox.. Second would have been Dan Mangan, but he didn't make the cut! :-(

  5. Ahhh geeze, thanks Amy! :) Great votes J, I'm glad to see so many people are participating in this event

  6. How do I vote for myself?

    ; )