A Mafia I could join...

Ok so we're headed to Toronto yet again, with some Manchester support in there for good measure.  The Hippy Mafia "is a collaboration of five individuals from five music genres hailing from Manchester UK and Ontario Canada." according to their website.  I think they are just rad.  Besides just really digging their tunes right now, their website is pretty fun in itself.  Some of the reading is right out there, but it is entertaining to read while you listen.

They only have 4 tunes up right now, and they have an E.P. in the works.  I will certainly be keeping an eye out for that.  As for what they have up right now, I really dig Apollo Creed.  This is more music that gets me wanting to move around, an instant energy boost when you really need it.  I like the fact they mention they come from 5 different music genres, because you feel like you hear a bit of everything in there.  I really feel if you're a music fan, there will be something about The Hippy Mafia you enjoy. 

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