I'll be damned, we made the Top 30!

Well again folks, Island SoapBox has somehow made it through another round of CBC Radio 3's Searchlight contest for Canada's Best Music Website. Clearly I have all of you lovely folks to thank, who have made the effort to vote so often. So thank you so very much!  It is very humbling to have made it this far.  There are a TON of great sites, some amazing people from all over the country who give their time to this great music scene.  The amount of traffic this contest has created to these kinds of sites is really amazing, and ultimately the point.  More eyes and ears out there getting a chance to see what we have to offer.  Thank you all once more, and keep those votes coming!

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  1. Anonymous17.2.11

    Adam! Thanks so much for all the love to the blog. We're so thrilled you made the list! Congrats!