Spring Mix - An Island SoapBox Mixtape

So I've been thinking about putting a little "mix-tape" playlist together for a while now, and I've finally followed through with it.  It's basically a bunch of favourites from albums featured here on the blog.  It's a little self serving, I know :)  but at the same time, it's a killer playlist and these are some of my favourite tunes!  It's just a shade over 50 minutes if your interested.  Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think!

1. Sasha Lewis -
Reasons from
the album Rooted

2. The Mountains and the Trees - Miniumum Wage Lovers from the album I made this for You

3. Folk Thief - A light for liberty from the album Love Heartache & Oblivion

4. The Sheepdogs - The one you belong to from the album Learn and Burn

5. Treelines - Ghost Towns from the album Young Man

6. Dan Kosub - Til I'm there from the album Jacob's Island

7. Jeremy Fisher - Alison from the album Flood

8. Ryan Van Bellegham - If I come back this way from the album Another Man

9. Lady Hayes - Recipe for Disaster from the album Opening Hearts & Apertures

10. Shortwave - Motown from the album The Skyline Verses

11. The Ruby Spirit - Caligari from the album Born under a Veil

12. Henry and the Nightcrawlers - Fan the Flames from the album 100 Blows

13. Alli Sunshiine and the Blue Sparrows - House of Hanover from the album The Muse E.P.

14. Katie Schaan - You from the album Close to Me

15. Christopher Arruda - We'd be good men from the album Swain E.P.

So thanks to some hard work from Twitter friends Pawnshop Manual, there is a YouTube Playlist of all but two songs here! Thanks so much guys!

That's it.  Some music from all over that I really enjoy.          

Looking forward to hearing what you think, and about your mixes!


Open your ears to Lady Hayes

Well I know it's been a while, but I promise you all this is worth the wait.  And if you can imagine, Toronto is yet again where our featured artist resides.  Shelly Hayes, or as listeners know her, Lady Hayes unleashed Opening Hearts & Apertures on the world in February, and if the rest are like me, they are diggin it.

This is Hayes debut solo effort, and it's 12 tracks will induce an interest for more.  Her voice alone is going to keep you glued, sounding perfect and effortless throughout the album.  Lucky for us it's full length, all because Hayes sound impressed producers enough (from a DIY demo she was working on), to push forward with this debut.

"Recipe for Disaster" is featured on Lady Hayes blog, and is by far my favourite.  It kicks along with an awesome drum beat, and has some brass that puts it over the top.  Apparently I'm a sucker for first songs these days as well, because the other song that really sticks out for me is the first track from Opening Hearts & Apertures, titled "Defining Lines".  She got me right off the hop with her voice, and this is a great two minutes that really showcases just that.

I'm looking forward to more from Hayes.  This album really got me quickly, and I'm confident I'm not alone.  It's another spin you won't be disappointed with.


Get Lucky tonight with Mike Edel

This Saturday has been a long time coming for Mike Edel.  Although he's already played a bunch of shows since releasing his debut "The Last of our Mountains", this weekend date at Lucky Bar will be the official album launch party.  With a good crowd expected, Edel is stoked to finish this long tour in front of his hometown fans.

"It's really Gruelling.  I've had tours before, but not as extensive as this one. It does a number on you.  It's been good though.  I'm really stoked to play on Saturday.  It'll be sweet."

When chatting with him at The Discovery Cafe the other day, one of the first things I noticed is Edel is a guy that you can watch think.  He moves back and forth in his chair, his eyes searching the room as he thinks aloud.  Also evident is a passion for anything he speaks about.  It's clear this man believes in his own words, and it's also clear he works hard for himself.

"To be any artist you need to work hard.   I love ideas and I really love seeing them through.  I always have plans.  I have plans for another tour, a music video in the works. I'm working on some stuff today on the promotion side.  I'm a pretty motivated artist. I have a lot of stuff in the works.  When you have a new record, and you have momentum, you are more motivated, people are stoked. They are stoked to help out."

The Last of our Mountains is a great album, and it really is no wonder people are excited to help. Edel has really knocked this one out of the park.  Tonight will be a great night at Lucky Bar, and a chance to see just how many people really are digging it.  Most satisfying for the Victoria based singer/songwriter is the fact that not just mom is listening.

"I've had some good reviews of it. Some people, they really like the record, like certain people really like it. It's been good to get it in the ears of others. You don't just want your friends and the people who know you to listen to it.  I'm really proud of it."

Mike has full on said the boys have done nothing short of "kick some serious ass" during this tour.  In his own element, back on home turf, it will be worth the price of admission at Lucky Bar tonight to watch Mike Edel and the boys tear the roof down.

 Check out this sweet video of Mike
 from Tash at Naked Jams

Mike also was kind enough to give me a CD, so it's giveaway time!!!  Leave a comment, any comment below, and a way to be contacted, and you are entered! Great album to add to the collection :)


I'm a thief, you're a thief, let's all Folk Thief

Dave Hadgkiss calls Vancouver home, and is the man behind Folk Thief.  He's set to release his debut album, Love Heartache & Oblivion.  It's listed as "Folk and Country", and if you gave me this album 5 years ago, I wouldn't have given it a chance.  But we live in the now, and the now says this is well worth anyone's time.  10 tracks later and I'm ready for more.

It's a pretty twangy listen at times, and Hadgkiss really has a country feel to his vocals.  Other times I can hear the folk side of things much easier.  He seems to play between the two effortlessly, giving the album a diverse feel, and a quick flow.  He also has some beautiful back up singers, which really shine on a few of the tracks.

"A Light for Liberty" is the second track on the record, and one of my favourites.  It's one of those songs that makes you want to play guitar, or learn to play guitar.  Hadgkiss also sings along in a pretty cool way.  "The Devil Behind Me" would be my other favourite on the album.  I guess growing up in Kamloops, Dave was in a geek/punk band, and did a lot of screaming.  He's got a tiny bit of that left in him, and he lets 'er go in this one.  It's a good one to vent along with.  It's got a slow build, and you feel great when you hit "the moment".

Dave's got shows lined up in support of the album in both Vancouver and Victoria.  I can't say he's not going to go through Love or Heartache, but this album should steer him well clear of oblivion.

Close, but Cigar...

Thank you all so very much for the support and the votes along the way.  It was a truly humbling experience, and your support meant so much to me.  I look forward to keeping the blog up, hoping to make your eyes and ears happy.  Looking forward to hearing from all of you some more, keep up the support of our great music!   


Catch a ferry to Jacob's Island

Looks like I'm not finishing that Toronto kick anytime soon.  Dan Kosub call's Ontario's capital home, and he is set to release Jacob's Island March 8th. I'm really enjoying E.P.'s lately, they seem like such a great way to create buzz and excitement for more from the artist.  Kosub's latest works are no different.  Six solid tracks, and now I sit and wait for the tour...

With an upbeat sound, and a great voice, it's an easy album to fall into.  Kosub sounds like he's been releasing albums for years.  "House Arrest" and "Til I'm there" are my two favourites.  I love the instruments in "House Arrest", and "Til I'm there" is a killer song to start the album off with, Kosub's singing pulling you in immediately.

This talented singer/songwriter has tour dates lined up in Ontario to support this latest release.  He also has plans of hitting the road hard this summer, making his way out here to Victoria and then heading back.  Bringing Jacob's Island with him, gives us all the chance to visit and take in the sights and sounds.