100 Blows... It's a good thing

I gotta be honest, I'm getting spoiled over here with people sending me music.  This latest gem showed up in the mailbox a couple weeks back.  Vancouver's Henry and the Nightcrawlers are responsible for 100 Blows, their debut full length.  I have one word for it. Fun.

The group is led by Henry Alcock-White, who wrote and produced the album.  There is something unique about his voice that really adds to the fun of the album.  It engaged me immediately, and really struck me with a sense of wonder.  It's another case of music that I would not have listened to on my own, but am I ever glad that I did.

I keep thinking I have a favourite song on the album, but it changes every time I listen through.  It's a 9 song effort (plus an "edit" version of On a Week Night, making 10 total), and it's another listen that won't tempt that "skip" finger.  Right now, my favourite tune has got to be Fan the Flames.  I love the bass groove off the top, and singing along with the chorus makes me a highway rockstar.

This has got to be one of my favourites of the year.  It really does zoom by, and intrigues me as to what the group will get up to next.  They are currently on tour and have the big Record Release party scheduled in Vancouver on Saturday November 27th, at the Billy Bishop Legion Hall.  Picking this album up won't disappoint, and if you are in Van City on the 27th, the party would be a dynamite place to grab it.

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