Island SoapBox Movember

Ok, so I've figured out how Island SoapBox will participate in Movember, and in true West Coast fashion, I'm announcing this November 5 :)

It's really quite simple.  For every follower Island SoapBox gains on Twitter this month (Also all comments below will garner donation), $0.25 will be donated to Movember.  Where I need your help is sending in suggestions and pictures for who the money should be spilt up amongst!  Send in your favourite staches and I'll get them up on the blog.

As of November 1, there were 618 Followers, so that's the number we'll consider 0 :)  As of November 14, 644! Thanks everybody!

Feel free to post links to your own personal Movember pages at the bottom.  This should be lots of fun, thanks for participating guys!

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