Get Lucky tonight with Mike Edel

This Saturday has been a long time coming for Mike Edel.  Although he's already played a bunch of shows since releasing his debut "The Last of our Mountains", this weekend date at Lucky Bar will be the official album launch party.  With a good crowd expected, Edel is stoked to finish this long tour in front of his hometown fans.

"It's really Gruelling.  I've had tours before, but not as extensive as this one. It does a number on you.  It's been good though.  I'm really stoked to play on Saturday.  It'll be sweet."

When chatting with him at The Discovery Cafe the other day, one of the first things I noticed is Edel is a guy that you can watch think.  He moves back and forth in his chair, his eyes searching the room as he thinks aloud.  Also evident is a passion for anything he speaks about.  It's clear this man believes in his own words, and it's also clear he works hard for himself.

"To be any artist you need to work hard.   I love ideas and I really love seeing them through.  I always have plans.  I have plans for another tour, a music video in the works. I'm working on some stuff today on the promotion side.  I'm a pretty motivated artist. I have a lot of stuff in the works.  When you have a new record, and you have momentum, you are more motivated, people are stoked. They are stoked to help out."

The Last of our Mountains is a great album, and it really is no wonder people are excited to help. Edel has really knocked this one out of the park.  Tonight will be a great night at Lucky Bar, and a chance to see just how many people really are digging it.  Most satisfying for the Victoria based singer/songwriter is the fact that not just mom is listening.

"I've had some good reviews of it. Some people, they really like the record, like certain people really like it. It's been good to get it in the ears of others. You don't just want your friends and the people who know you to listen to it.  I'm really proud of it."

Mike has full on said the boys have done nothing short of "kick some serious ass" during this tour.  In his own element, back on home turf, it will be worth the price of admission at Lucky Bar tonight to watch Mike Edel and the boys tear the roof down.

 Check out this sweet video of Mike
 from Tash at Naked Jams

Mike also was kind enough to give me a CD, so it's giveaway time!!!  Leave a comment, any comment below, and a way to be contacted, and you are entered! Great album to add to the collection :)


  1. Always knew there was something special about Island water. Great find Adam! Sorry I couldn't make the show tonight but having that CD would sure help make up for it!!


  2. Good win daflya... good win.