Open your ears to Lady Hayes

Well I know it's been a while, but I promise you all this is worth the wait.  And if you can imagine, Toronto is yet again where our featured artist resides.  Shelly Hayes, or as listeners know her, Lady Hayes unleashed Opening Hearts & Apertures on the world in February, and if the rest are like me, they are diggin it.

This is Hayes debut solo effort, and it's 12 tracks will induce an interest for more.  Her voice alone is going to keep you glued, sounding perfect and effortless throughout the album.  Lucky for us it's full length, all because Hayes sound impressed producers enough (from a DIY demo she was working on), to push forward with this debut.

"Recipe for Disaster" is featured on Lady Hayes blog, and is by far my favourite.  It kicks along with an awesome drum beat, and has some brass that puts it over the top.  Apparently I'm a sucker for first songs these days as well, because the other song that really sticks out for me is the first track from Opening Hearts & Apertures, titled "Defining Lines".  She got me right off the hop with her voice, and this is a great two minutes that really showcases just that.

I'm looking forward to more from Hayes.  This album really got me quickly, and I'm confident I'm not alone.  It's another spin you won't be disappointed with.

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