Artist Spotlight H.W. (Hazardous Wastes)

It's been a while, so here we go again.
This time around we are talking Boston Hip-hop artist Joshua Decosta, or H.W.(Hazardous Wastes). Now I know what you're thinking, "I thought you were on a Canadian kick...". Well I was, and still am, but this talented artist contacted me, and now I must spread the word.
His music is excellent, the beats catchy, and the lyrics are personal. You know he believes in his own music, and as the listener it seems easy to relate with.
"I've been writing since 2001 and performing since 2004, I have grown quite a bit over the years and I am just starting to really enjoy my music." Lucky for us, with H.W. starting to enjoy his own music (and why wouldn't he?), we can look forward to more, and it only getting better from here. Especially lucky for those of us living North of the Border.
"I love playing Canada, way more then performing in the states, it just seems like people respect and are more responsive to hip hop out there. So having a good rep is very important to me. If I could just tour Canada I actually might." What can we say Mr. Decosta, people love us ;) Seriously though, H.W. has upcoming tour stops in Canada (www.longlivehw.com), and is an active member of the www.twitter.com/joshhw community. The opportunity to see any act live is always great, and a true test of how good that act really is.
"The best part about performing is playing for a crowd that doesn't know you, and throughly enjoys your music by the end." With confidence like that, one can imagine the live act is quite enjoyable, and a great night out for a fan of hip-hop.
For fans in Toronto, May 24 you can circle on your calender, as Josh will be making a stop at Rancho Relaxo. If you are a fan of TFC, you may have an issue before the concert even starts.
"My favorite team is The New England Revolution! I live for soccer." Well nobody is perfect right? The revolution make a visit to BMO Field May 22nd. On enemy soil, perhaps Mr. Decosta won't make too much of a scene, but you can bet the same won't be said when he takes the stage during this tour. The tracks and albums are FREE on his site, and the show is coming to Canada, there is no better time to hop on the band wagon for this indie talent.