Scatter for all

Well a little more hip hop this time around for you fine folk.  This time we head to the bright lights and city sights of Bolton, ON.  Yeah, that's right ;).  This is where "Scatter" hails from, and his latest free offering Get up to Speed, is worth taking note of.

The album is actually composed of 6 previously recorded tracks.  He's offering it up for free, in hopes of building some excitement around his name.  It's a great listen, and features some other great Canadian artists (Mic Boyd, D-Sisive and Moka Only).  He has an old school sound that I really enjoy.

The first track is named "No Brainer", and it's got that old school vibe that I was talking about.  It hooked me into his album right away.  Something to nod your head to and really enjoy the beat.  My other favourite song would be "Back to Reality" and that track features D-Sisive (who seems to be everywhere these days).  The song just zooms along and has a great flow for me.

I've always been a beat guy, and Scatter has me figured right out.  I hope we can expect more soon from the Ontario talent.  If he keeps pumping out tunes like these, hip hop fans will be Scattering to find his latest.


Delicious Weekend Bits

Just a few more goodies that I came across over the weekend and felt the need to share.

Redgy Blackout is dishing out free music right now.  Of course it's only worth downloading if it's good. Thankfully that's no issue for the Van City music makers.  Give them a follow also, there hoping to hit 1000 followers before taking off for Toronto.  They're not shitty Twitterers either, so it's well worth the follow.

Joel Plaskett is another one of those dudes I can listen to anytime.  He and the Emergency are working on a bunch of tracks right now.  Once a week they are releasing singles, as well as a "making of" video for each one.  It's a pretty cool way of getting the new stuff out there, I'm on board.

Lastly, I know I haven't featured a whole lot of hip hop on here, but I am a fan, and find myself liking it more and more.  There are some great Canadians out there that have my ear right now, and a name that's been around for a long while, has all sorts of new stuff going on, and seems very excited about it (how about that run on sentence, that's a doozy).  Choclair's back, and his latest track with D-Sisive is pretty sweet.  Not gonna lie, I'm pumped to see what he has up next.


Excitements of the future...

You don't need to go 88 MPH to get excited for this stuff!
Come on, how good of a title is that?! :)

I figured I would post a few things I have my eye (or ear?) on coming up in the near future.

Island SoapBox favourite Steph Macpherson has some Toronto shows coming up.  For those of you living in the "Big Smoke", free up March 22 (Canadian Music Week Showcase show at Dakota Tavern), or March 24 (Canadian Music Week Showcase at Cadillac Lounge).  Get out and see her.  You won't be disappointed, I promise you!

Macpherson has an album release in the coming months, and she will be back here in Victoria for some shows before then.  You can get out and pre order the album while she is here in town.  It's an album I eagerly anticipate!

Steph will be playing Friday April 6th with another SoapBox favourite, Jeremy Fisher, at St Ann's.  Sounds like $18 well spent!

Some other albums people are eager to hear are streaming for us right now.  Said the Whale, Plants and Animals, and Yukon Blonde all have something to tickle your ear canals (?).

And one more album that I'm super pumped for, Zacharly Lucky has a new offering coming soon, and of course if you follow Lucky at all, you know he's touring.  No Victoria stop planned yet, but expect a review of his latest coming soon to Island SoapBox!

Oh Fortune!

Dan Mangan can do no wrong.  That's something I strongly believe.  He made an album recently and it was called "Oh Fortune".  It was really, really good.  Like really, really, really good.

So you should just get it (if you haven't already).
Listen to it.

That's the good stuff.


The Greatest Goodbye

I know I've said it before on here, and I'm hoping it's not the last time I say it, but Meghan Gamble knows just what I like.  This latest gem is from a group called Madison Violet, and their album "The Good in Goodbye".

Released this past September, the twelve track full length is an outstanding effort from the Roots duo.  The music feels familiar from the first time you push play.  It's a sound that you can relax and tap your toes to at the same time.  Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac have been pumping out material since 2004, so this album being as polished as it is makes perfect sense.

The Toronto group has really got it dialed in.  "Come as you are" is definitely my favourite song on the album.  Killer harmonica off the hop and some great harmonies make this an instant classic.  I find myself humming this tune all day long when I hear it.

Another favourite little diddy (and I really believe diddy is the perfect word), is "Cindy Cindy".  It hooks me in with the Banjo and the pace.  It's just two and a half minutes of fun.

There is no weak point on the album.  The ladies have an intoxicating sound that grows on you each and every time you play it.  Simply put, it's forty minutes well spent.

Madison Violet have a tour south of the border coming up in support of their latest works.  For our American friends, it would be in your best interest to get out to a show when the group comes rolling through.  You may be supporting "The Good in Goodbye", but with the talent this group has, you can be sure the "goodbye" part won't be for long.

A Bell Worth Diving to.

This isn't exactly "new", but it's been sitting in my inbox for months now, and is one of the reasons that I had to start writing this blog again! (And I have to thank Jen Fritz for it!)

"A Diving Bell" is a a four song E.P. from City of Glass, and the group from Vancouver has got four real beauties here for their next L.P.  All four tracks they offer up are quite nice, and I think lead singer Michael Champion will suck you right in.  The dude sounds good.

"Sticks and Stones" is the first track on the album, and it's my favourite so far.  Right off the hop the guitars pump me up.  I enjoy the build of the song, and the intensity of the singing just excites me.  Whether you're heading out to Walmart (seriously, what's with those check out lines?!), or jumping on your mountain bike, it's a good jam to get yourself revved up.

The full length is due out sometime this year, and City of Glass have my attention.  With the sound and skill these guys have, their next release could very well be your new favourite.