Scatter for all

Well a little more hip hop this time around for you fine folk.  This time we head to the bright lights and city sights of Bolton, ON.  Yeah, that's right ;).  This is where "Scatter" hails from, and his latest free offering Get up to Speed, is worth taking note of.

The album is actually composed of 6 previously recorded tracks.  He's offering it up for free, in hopes of building some excitement around his name.  It's a great listen, and features some other great Canadian artists (Mic Boyd, D-Sisive and Moka Only).  He has an old school sound that I really enjoy.

The first track is named "No Brainer", and it's got that old school vibe that I was talking about.  It hooked me into his album right away.  Something to nod your head to and really enjoy the beat.  My other favourite song would be "Back to Reality" and that track features D-Sisive (who seems to be everywhere these days).  The song just zooms along and has a great flow for me.

I've always been a beat guy, and Scatter has me figured right out.  I hope we can expect more soon from the Ontario talent.  If he keeps pumping out tunes like these, hip hop fans will be Scattering to find his latest.

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    Hey Adam! How would I get in touch with you? can't find your e-mail! We love your blog!