Delicious Weekend Bits

Just a few more goodies that I came across over the weekend and felt the need to share.

Redgy Blackout is dishing out free music right now.  Of course it's only worth downloading if it's good. Thankfully that's no issue for the Van City music makers.  Give them a follow also, there hoping to hit 1000 followers before taking off for Toronto.  They're not shitty Twitterers either, so it's well worth the follow.

Joel Plaskett is another one of those dudes I can listen to anytime.  He and the Emergency are working on a bunch of tracks right now.  Once a week they are releasing singles, as well as a "making of" video for each one.  It's a pretty cool way of getting the new stuff out there, I'm on board.

Lastly, I know I haven't featured a whole lot of hip hop on here, but I am a fan, and find myself liking it more and more.  There are some great Canadians out there that have my ear right now, and a name that's been around for a long while, has all sorts of new stuff going on, and seems very excited about it (how about that run on sentence, that's a doozy).  Choclair's back, and his latest track with D-Sisive is pretty sweet.  Not gonna lie, I'm pumped to see what he has up next.

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  1. Anonymous6.2.13

    Adam! Ryan here... your old Salmon Kings buddy! Trying to track you and Sheena down and touch base... hit me up! email me at ryan_seale@hotmail.com

    I'd love to catch up!