A Bell Worth Diving to.

This isn't exactly "new", but it's been sitting in my inbox for months now, and is one of the reasons that I had to start writing this blog again! (And I have to thank Jen Fritz for it!)

"A Diving Bell" is a a four song E.P. from City of Glass, and the group from Vancouver has got four real beauties here for their next L.P.  All four tracks they offer up are quite nice, and I think lead singer Michael Champion will suck you right in.  The dude sounds good.

"Sticks and Stones" is the first track on the album, and it's my favourite so far.  Right off the hop the guitars pump me up.  I enjoy the build of the song, and the intensity of the singing just excites me.  Whether you're heading out to Walmart (seriously, what's with those check out lines?!), or jumping on your mountain bike, it's a good jam to get yourself revved up.

The full length is due out sometime this year, and City of Glass have my attention.  With the sound and skill these guys have, their next release could very well be your new favourite. 

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