Excitements of the future...

You don't need to go 88 MPH to get excited for this stuff!
Come on, how good of a title is that?! :)

I figured I would post a few things I have my eye (or ear?) on coming up in the near future.

Island SoapBox favourite Steph Macpherson has some Toronto shows coming up.  For those of you living in the "Big Smoke", free up March 22 (Canadian Music Week Showcase show at Dakota Tavern), or March 24 (Canadian Music Week Showcase at Cadillac Lounge).  Get out and see her.  You won't be disappointed, I promise you!

Macpherson has an album release in the coming months, and she will be back here in Victoria for some shows before then.  You can get out and pre order the album while she is here in town.  It's an album I eagerly anticipate!

Steph will be playing Friday April 6th with another SoapBox favourite, Jeremy Fisher, at St Ann's.  Sounds like $18 well spent!

Some other albums people are eager to hear are streaming for us right now.  Said the Whale, Plants and Animals, and Yukon Blonde all have something to tickle your ear canals (?).

And one more album that I'm super pumped for, Zacharly Lucky has a new offering coming soon, and of course if you follow Lucky at all, you know he's touring.  No Victoria stop planned yet, but expect a review of his latest coming soon to Island SoapBox!

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