Better Lucky Than Good

To sit down and chat with Zachary Lucky, you’d swear you were chatting with a 15 year vet. After sound checking at The Fort St café recently, Lucky had time to sit down and chat about life after his latest release “Come & Gone”.

This is the 4th album for the talented Yorkton, SK songwriter, but this may be his “coming out” party. The album serves up 9 solid tracks (although track 1 is only a one minute intro), and Zachary’s got the whole package tied together beautifully. Lyrically, I’ve always enjoyed his style, and he certainly didn’t disappoint this time around. A quick stop for this album in BC may have been just what it needed before release.

“It’s easily the best sounding record I’ve put out. We recorded everything ourselves, then we had a producer out in Langley mix and master the record. He really tied it all in together and put the finishing touches on it.  I’m feeling really good about it, really good.

“There’s definitely some people in certain radio stations, larger radio stations that are taking interest. And the few artists that’s I’ve passed it onto have really latched onto it. So that’s a really positive thing for me. It’s nice to hear somebody go “hey can you send me this, cause I need so and so to hear this”. So far it’s been really great. You can never really predict how these things go. It’s a very strange thing when you put your art to paper or CD. It’s like a child, you just let it go in the world and it has to find its way right? If nothing else man, I’m really proud of this record. It’s my favourite thing I’ve ever put out, easily hands down. I don’t need much more than that right now.”

You’d think after recording 4 albums since ’08, it might make the process an easier one. That couldn’t be further from the truth for Lucky.

“Maybe for some people but so far it hasn’t gone that way for me. Getting this record out was one of the most stressful things I’ve been through in a long time. It was easier and way harder at the same time, which makes no sense. It’s just the process of having to be your own manager and dealing with all the details of getting a record out. It was just a lot, because we really wanted to try and actually get it out there. But man when it finally dropped, there was a relief. I don’t think it gets easier with time. A record is still a record and it will always be a lot of work. I think each one, you go into it knowing a little more, and you can kinda direct the path that it goes. Steer the ship and choose how you want things to go. So not easier, but more controlled.”

It’s comments like that, that make him seem like such a music veteran. Lucky is another shining example of today’s independent musician, traveling relentlessly to get his sound out there. He is known for touring and pushing his music through that live avenue. This tour may be his most hardcore yet.

“We covered about 3500 km in the first week, which is a lot. We slept in the car one too many nights, so it was a good little conditioning week you know? It’s like full on man. We're playing pretty much every night this tour. That means there’s some long drives in there. We drove from Yorkton to Canmore which is like an 11 hour drive; we have a few more of those. You know there is four of us, so it works out pretty good for the most part.

“Calgary’s gonna be a real good show, playing with a bunch of friends. Playing with Northcote, and he’s great, just a really good friend. And Aidan Knight is playing that gig as well, just a real loaded show should be fun. We’re playing Peterborough Folk Festival, so that should be really fun. Looking forward to that. We’re just looking forward generally to the whole east coast, none of us have ever been out past Quebec City. It's always good to go somewhere new. Its been a good year since I’ve been somewhere new, that I haven’t played before, so that’ll be really refreshing to play a new city, new faces you know? We have really good shows out there, a lot of good friends, I think we’ll be well taken care of. Nothing but good vibes for that.”

With several thousand kilometers still to go, and his brand new album hardly 2 weeks old, it’s hard to imagine Lucky looking ahead to what’s next. With the industry being what it is these days, that’s exactly what Lucky is doing.

“In this business you have to think about down the road, you can’t just always let it happen. It’s all about balance. I’m learning. I’m thinking of sitting down and recording some songs in October. But well see, I’m having a bit of a surgery at the end of September. So, October is kinda a forced month to chill out. I’m really bad at sittin still. I’m gonna spend the month just taking it easy. I’m gonna head down to the states for a week at the end of October. Hopefully hooking up with some real good people down there for a bit. Then we’re doing a western Canadian tour for three weeks in November, with a singer/songwriter from Australia. Should be really good I think. A lot of the shows are really looking good so far. Once again nothing but good vibes. People tend to not tour in winter, but I say why not. If you don’t do it, someone else will. I mean, there’s lots of thoughts about next year, lots of different stuff that is on the horizon. I’m trying to take it in stride.”

“I can’t think of one thing I’d rather be doing. Sometimes I think I’m a little bit crazy. Those days where I’m like “Shit why am I doing this man?”. For the most part, 95% of the time, it’s completely worth it.”

Always a gentleman, and a musical talent that grows day by day, Zachary Lucky is an artist that this country can be proud of. An up and coming folk talent from The Prairies that may well be a household name very soon. “Come and Gone” is a fantastic listen, and has cemented the fact that Lucky is here, and won’t be gone anytime soon.

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