Vaccaro preaches it softly at St. Ann's

(The Chapel at St. Ann's Academy in Victoria, BC)

Well that was one of the coolest sets I have witnessed.  Vince Vaccaro played to a capacity crowd in the chapel at St. Ann's Academy in Victoria, BC.

Now, in my typical fashion, I didn't bother grabbing a program when I got to the BC Day celebrations.  I lied on the grass outside, listened to a wonderful set by Ellisa Hartman, and was just generally enjoying life.  I noticed people with programs, but thought "why would I need one of those".  The next set was announced, and it wasn't Vince.  Alright now I need help.  Luckily, and with some assistance from some very friendly volunteers, I made my way into the back of the chapel about 20 minutes into the set.

It was fantastic.  Armed with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and the microphone, Vince kept the rooms attention the entire time.  Using the mic only when needed, the rooms natural acoustics were perfect.  Even during Little Candle, the room seemed to bounce his foot stomping perfectly through its walls.

It was fun to watch people watching the set.  With the environment being what it was, it seemed people were more focused on the performance, but reserved in their behaviour.  Some heads bobbed here and there, and I saw a mouth or two moving, but most just watched and listened.

In the 40 minutes I saw, Vaccaro played some stuff from his album, as well as some new stuff.  It was great to hear it all in such a raw form.  There is one thing that stands out through all of it though, and that is just how talented this guy is.  I mean he had the room glued, and mostly wasn't even using a microphone.   A class act, playing a free set to celebrate the province.  Happy BC Day everyone, now send Vince a thank you ;)

Visit his main page and listen to his new single Catch a Fire here.
If you dig it, vote for it on the Zone 91.3 Modern Rock Inbox here.

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