SoapBox Bits and Bites

Just a few notes from on top Island SoapBox:

(House Built Around Your House 7" by The Darcys)
1. Toronto Ontario's "The Darcys" are releasing their second album this fall titled Young Believers.  They have a couple tracks on their Myspace account right now (which make up House Built Around Your House 7", you can have that emailed to you by the band for free).  Although it's not generally my type of thing, I actually enjoyed this the more I listened to it.  They have some pretty killer collaborations on this upcoming disc as well. Worth checking out for sure.

2. I've been pushing this since I found out about it, West Coast Music Network or WMN.  It's a new online radio station playing West Coast talent.  Based out of Whistler, the station is still in development.  Currently they are focused on gathering content.  So any West Coast band out there, make sure you send Steve your album!  As for listeners, this is a great way to see what the Coast has to offer.  There are plenty of gadgets in the works, that will make this site easy and customizable for the listener!

(Jeff Desjardins from Vancouver, BC)
3. There is a new artist, and consequently a new blog out of Vancouver that I'm really digging.  Jeff Desjardins is an aspiring musician from VanCity and is keeping us all involved in the day to day struggles of starting from scratch.  It's a good read, and it's a perspective you don't often get to read about so deeply.  There are a plenty of people who choose to make a go at this industry every day, and this guy is logging his adventures in a well written way.

That's about it for now.  I'm always interested in spreading the word.  Any musicians/bands out there that would like to check out any material, I'm happy to give a listen and do what I can.  You can get a hold of me if here.  Also I'm starting to do some giveaways on my Twitter account.  Nothing crazy, but some very solid albums that will have their artists signature!  Make sure to follow for your chance to win :)

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