Who the hell am I, and why the hell am I writing this...

(The sweet Terry Fox statue.  Thunder Bay, ON)
Picking out a picture of yourself is weird.  Just saying.

I've been going at this for a bit now, and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Hopefully you have been enjoying my writing and content. Someone on twitter had mentioned that I should write and tell a bit about myself. A chance to find out just who is writing these articles. So here you go a bit more about the person on top the Soapbox.

My Girlfriend and I moved out to Victoria last July from Toronto.  Three years in Ontario's capital had worn us out (working in a National Sports Television Network), and with my uncle in Victoria, it seemed like a great place to set up shop on the West Coast.  We saved our pennies and made the move a 23 day journey.  Camping along the way at campsites we had booked months in advance.  The move went as well as you can expect a cross country move in a 1996 GMC Safari stuffed tight.  It almost made it too :).  A charitable organization in Vancouver was kind enough to take it off our hands, and the gas guzzling sounds of a U-haul brought us from Van to Vic.

I started this blog up out of sheer boredom. I had found seasonal work when we got here, and it had finished up for some time.  My girlfriend was working (thank god), and I had been on an unsuccessful job search, and just needed a distraction. Being home alone all day can drive you batty in a hurry. Funny enough though, very shortly after that very first post, I got the job offer for the gig I am currently working (for a local television station in Victoria).

That one post felt really good though. Not that it was particularly great or anything like that (It wasn't even about music, the second one was). It just felt good to write again. I've never done it professionally, but I always enjoyed writing as a part of my education. There is just something about the written word.

Writing about music was an easy decision. Humans have been banging on drums and dancing around fires for thousands of years. Music is part of us. It's part of our evolution on this planet. Although what style we listen to and how we enjoy music obviously changes from person to person, you can pretty much guarantee that we all have some interest in music on one level or another.

I write about musicians that I think people should hear. I try to write with a professional edge, but I think it's clear I'm more so a fan. These musicians are some of the hardest working, most sincere people you will meet. Why not try and spread the word?

I wasn't sure what to expect when I set up the first interview. I couldn't even really believe I had done it to be honest. Steph Macpherson had been nice enough to give her time before a show at the Fort St. Cafe (which is an awesome little hole in the wall). I'd never done an interview on my own before. Having said that, I do tell visual stories for a living (I'm a television editor). Along the way, I've had the privilege of working with some truly professional reporters. So at the very least I had been watching people put stories together for a few years now. I knew as long as I did as much research as possible, I wouldn't seem like a complete moron.

Steph was great. She answered everything with honesty and enthusiasm. When listening to the interview back for transcribing, I couldn't help but laugh at myself. My response to every answer was "cool", or "wow, cool". So after writing up the piece, I deleted the audio file. I figured I could start the archive when my vocabulary had more than two replies. She must not have noticed, or simply didn't care, as her last answer was just as well thought out as her first. Oh, and it really couldn't have timed out any better. Steph has had quite the summer!

That first interview basically got me hooked. I had met these wonderful artists, but they are even nicer people (Zachary Lucky had been kind enough to answer a few questions that night as well). I had already wanted to spread the word of their craft, and after meeting them it was reassuring to know they are great people as well!

I also get messages from time to time from people who love the blog. The focus on local music, and a chance to listen to something new. It blows me away every time. Although I write it for people to read, I'm always shocked people actually do. The fact it has such a positive impact for some people makes me feel really good, and that's what makes me want to write the next one!

The one thing I've promised myself to stay away from is negativity (except for that very first post, but like I said, I was having no luck on the job search, there was some bitterness there ;). I don't want to write about things I don't like, or I think aren't/weren't any good.  There's plenty of negativity out there already, why get all the way up on this SoapBox and spread more :). This positive attitude I've found, is opening me up to all sorts of music I never would even tried before. I really enjoy Jazz, who knew? The Ruby Spirit, I would never have spun that. I'm so happy they looked me up!

There is a real sense of community you feel with these musicians as well. This is also something that is hooking me deeper. Having just moved away from everything and everyone we knew, needless to say we have made some great friends, but our social circle obviously got much smaller. This was a great way to force myself out there and meet new people. I can be quite introverted sometimes, so I like things that force me out like this. Ying and Yang, you have to have balance.

Well I think that's just about enough about me. If you have any questions or comments, I'm always looking for feedback! Also, tell me what it is about music that you love?

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