Road Trip Mix Tape

Hello all,

I thought since it was the New Year, with everyone planning their road trips this year, I would release Vol. 1 of the Mix Tape Specials. Check it out, give it a listen, love it, hate it, could care less? Let me know, and make a mix tape of your own while you are at it!

Track Artist

1. One Track Mind (Feat. Joel Plaskett) Classified

Luke Boyd, or better known "Classified" has been at it for a while now, and it's hard not to get hooked on the beats. I know this song came out early last year, but it still has me hooked, not to mention, who doesn't want to listen to a hip hop artist from Halifax? The final piece of the puzzle for this tune, hooking up with fellow East Coaster Joel Plaskett. The two sound great together, the song is super catchy, a great way to start a road trip tape!
From the Album "Self Explanatory" 2009

2. Natural Disaster Joel Plaskett

This might be a little slow for a road trip, but it's Plaskett, and I'm arguing just about any of his tunes are great in the car. Joel has been doing his thing since the early 90's, and his fan base grows each and every year. Last year's release of "3" launched Plaskett into the Stratosphere, so I thought I would offer up something from a previous album, to show this was of course no fluke.
From the Album "La De Da" 2005

3. The Day We Hit the Coast Thrush Hermit

OK, I'm sure you are onto me by now. It's a Plaskett threesome! Thrust Hermit released a few albums and a few EP's throughout the 90's, and this March they announced a 6 show tour, with shows in Halifax, Peterborough, Ottawa and Toronto. Giving these band mates nearly 10 years to mature themselves as musicians, these upcoming shows should give fans a truly great, musical experience. I picked this song because it's 6 and a half minutes long, you can get between some cities in that time.
From the Album "Clayton Park" 1999

4. Lemon Meringue Pie Jeremy Fisher

Well I've finally left Joel Plaskett behind, only to hit you with another Plaskett story. I woke up this morning and read Jeremy Fisher is heading out to Halifax to work with the East Coast Music Award Winner. It's pretty much the perfect combination if you ask me. Fisher has a great voice, and the music always seems to carry joy with it. He also has a really cool video for his 2007 single, "Cigarette" from the album "Hello Blue Monday", on YouTube, which is completely homemade. This tune isn't that stereotypical road trip song either, but I think it's perfect for the really scenic parts of your trip, where you can picture the slow motion movie montage of it in your head.
From the Album "Let it Shine" 2004

5. Ulysses Franz Ferdinand

This single was released in January of 2009, so why not bring it back again this January? Let's face it, you can pretty much grab any tune off this album, and it's perfect for the road. Some will argue that they sound the same in and out, but I like that sound.
From the Album "Tonight:Franz Ferdinand" 2008

6. 19-2000 Gorillaz

I've always really liked this album. There is something to it, that I don't find on "Demon Days". The groove and the way the beats fall, I find the album is almost hypnotic. This song just comes out of Franz Ferdinand nicely, and I feel is a good representation of the entire album. The group has sold over 15 million records, and is currently working on their 3rd studio album. Not bad for a "virtual band".
From the Album "Gorillaz [UK] 2001

7. The Way I Am Ingrid Michaelson

This song has a stand-up bass off the hop, so I am on board. This New-Yorker has a great voice, the vocals will keep you interested, and the music behind her invokes thought and reflection. At 2:15, it's a perfect tune to give everyone a chance to get a drink, enjoy a bit of silence, and reflect on the journey so far.
From the Album "Girls and Boys" 2007

8. I Feel It All Feist

1, 2, 3, 4... Remember that one? I love Apple. More East Coast talent here folks. Her music is interesting, it incorporates a lot, and her voice really sounds unique. This is an upbeat jam, great for the car, and her singing comes out of the previous song quite nicely.
From the Album "The Reminder" 2007

9. Dropkick Queen of the Weekend The Dudes

The Dudes... I really wish I was musically inclined, just so I could help name a band. I heard the name and loved them without hearing a note. Thank God they're good. These guys have been around since the 90's, but the Calgary group blew up when this single released across the country. Weezer, The Flaming Lips, Joel Plaskett and Thrush Hermit are some influences for The Dudes.
From the Album "Brain Heart Guitar" 2006

10. What'cha Know About Donavon Frankenreiter

Hang on, that's not Jack Johnson? Get out of here, that's Jack Johnson. Well at least his name would be easier to say or spell if that were true. Having said that, bringing up the famous Mr. Johnson does mean two things, Mr Frankenstenier can play guitar and sing, well. Of course the two are friends, they both surf, and they both make kick ass music.
From the Album "Donavon Frankenreiter" 2004

11. You Ain't Shit Daniel Wesley

This is the only other guy on the list that I know surfs. After recently seeing Daniel Wesley play an acoustic performance, I quickly realized a theme with Mr. Wesley. The BC native likes to tell stories of Costa Rica, surfing, and he mixes in quite a few songs featuring, maybe, what BC is best known for. After saying all that, the guy can sing, he's personable, and this is a great tune for a car sing-a-long.
From the Album "Outlaw" 2006

12. No Sleep Sam Roberts

There is not much that is needed to be said about Sam Roberts. Six-time Juno winners, their music is proudly Canadian, and known coast to coast. The song has a great beat to nod along to, and a great reminder of our multi-cultural country.
From the Album "We Were Born in a Flame" 2003

13. Comme des Enfants Coeur de Pirate

Yes, Sam was just warming you up for a 3 minutes worth of francais. CBC Radio 3 fell in love with Beatrice Martin, and the rest of the country has followed suit. Recently this song was voted "Best reason to learn french" as part of the 2009 Bucky Awards (where Martin was also crowned "Sexiest Musician 2009"). She's obviously dealt with some pretty public issues, but she doesn't try to hide from anything, and her voice will carry you through, whether you know the language or not.
From the Album "Coeur de Pirate" 2008

14. The Old Prince Still Lives at Home Shad

After possibly nodding along for the last 5 minutes mostly clueless to what's actually being said, you can continue nodding, but you might as well smack that smile on, ear to ear. This tune is catchy, it's funny, and it's half done. The London Ontario native started releasing albums in 2005, when he won some cash to record. Although this is a lighter song, Shad is an artist who uses music to communicate his views.
From the Album "The Old Prince" 2007

15. Listen Steph Macpherson

Tsawwassen and Swartz Bay must be all to familiar for Steph Macpherson. Calling Victoria and Vancouver both home, Macphersons' "Listen" is about winter on the Left Coast. This woman can flat out sing, the song rips along behind her wonderfully, and for someone on the road as much as her, she had to land a song on a road trip mix tape.
From the Album "To You" 2009

16. Ain't No Rest for the Wicked Cage the Elephant

Time for another sing a long! The 2008 single was certainly the most successful from the album, and the Kentucky natives do a great job on the entire album with guitar riffs that keep you hooked, and Mathew Shultz vocals are interesting, and fun to sing along with.
From the Album "Cage the Elephant" 2008

17. Ishmael and Maggie The Trews

You need the "Friends and Total Strangers" album this time around. The recently recorded semi-acoustic set (The band called the tour Acoustic, however Electric Bass was used the whole time, so that's how I feel about that). Having said that, The Trews headlined the show with Daniel Wesley, and they were phenomenal. Getting away from the heavy electric that usually accompanies the vocals, this time around The Trews really sound clean and rich. Did I mention another East Coast band?
From the Album "Friends and Total Strangers" 2009

18. Black Day in December Said the Whale

The first thing you see when you visit the bands website is a moose, front and centre, top of the page. These guys are as Canadian as they come, knowing all about the road trip. This tune runs along at a great pace, and reminds us of Winter on the Pacific. Touring almost non-stop, Said the Whale is known to be a real treat live.
From the Album "Islands Disappear" 2009

19. Sick as a Dog Brad Sucks

Well I just thought this band name was funny, who knew the music would be catchy. A self described "One man band with no fans", the music has qualities to it that make you want more, but wonder why you want more? It's diverse, it's good, and it's free. This guy has taken a very cool run at the music industry, check out his website and story.
From the Album "I don't know what I'm doing" 2003

20. Soft Shock Yeah Yeah Yeahs

It seems every time I hear something about music, somehow this bands works its way in there. This album does the same thing the Gorillaz album did to my brain, somehow I become entranced when listening to it. Once again this was a tune that I thought went great with the last one.
From the Album "It's Blitz" 2009

21. Disease (08/03/08) Allison Crowe

If your destination is still a ways, don't panic. At just over eight minutes, you have time. Allison crashes on the piano in this one, which is great to listen to, almost venting your anger for you. Just don't drive like the song. She can sing as well as she tickles the ivory, and her music really is a treat to listen to. She is another artist giving her music away, taking on the industry slightly different than most. The idea is for the free music to be shared, so share we shall, on the road no less!
From the Album "Little Light (Originals)" 2008

22. Crazy Game of Poker O.A.R.

I told you not to panic. It really doesn't matter what version of this song you have, you're probably looking at 9 minutes, plus. This particular version runs nearly 13. These guys are fantastic for road trips as well, easy to sing along with, great to yell along with, and you're hard pressed to find someone that doesn't like their music. Since 1997 they have been pumping out studio material, not to mention all the live music. If you haven't made it yet, this song will get you there.
From the Album "Any Time Now Disc 2" 2002

That's it folks! Let me know what you think. Make your own play list! Tell a friend to make a play list. It's a great way to expand your listening.


  1. I wish I didn`t have to do so many things. I need to check all these out. You should burn this disc for me, then I can listen to it in my car.

  2. Rebecca7.11.10

    I can't wait to head to R3/iTunes and make this playlist. So many songs I've never heard but the ones that I do know I love.