World Junior Hockey Championship

Canada makes final!

Am I the only one out there who actually doesn't give a hoot? This tournament is boring, TSN pumps it, and they do a good job of packaging the whole thing, but Pierre McGuire and that big headed screaming guy are awful. Every play sounds like the end of world is on the line, and it is the most exciting thing ever. In fact (Photo: Courtesy Canadian Press) as human beings, our eyes were actually created for this very tournament, and the goal that puts Canada up 13-0 (or even 6-1 in a WORLD semi-final).
I'm not arguing these kids aren't great hockey players, and in a lot of cases they are future NHL'ers, I'm just saying it's getting a little out of hand. I'm a little bit embarrassed watching the tournament, and constantly beating teams into oblivion. The competition needs to be much more level, before this tournament is truly as exciting as it's advertised.

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