Burn one and join the Pack

Saskatoon Saskatchewan is the next stop on the map, as we open our ears up to The Sheepdogs.  As usual I am behind on this, but the group is in a contest to try and make the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine!  One spin through Learn & Burn, and you'll be getting all the friends you know to vote for them as well.

The 15 song album is bad ass.  Like bad ass straight from the 60/70's.  The boys like to rock, and I am glad they do.  From the first note of the album you know you are in for a treat.  It has that old-school rock vibe right then and there, and it doesn't let up.

"The one you belong to" is the name of that first track, and because of that opening riff, is probably my favourite track on the album.  I just need some friends and a dock/campsite to really complete the experience.  "Southern Dreaming" is another favourite.  These guys sound like your favourite rock groups of the past, and I just embraced this album so quickly because of that feeling.

There is also a pride issue here.  The Sheepdogs are the only Canadian band in the Rolling Stone Cover contest.  With an album that rocks like this, you'll be busy voting for the boys in between air guitar licks.

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