Add some Sunshine to your winter listening

Alli Sunshine and the Blue Sparrows offered up The Muse E.P. this past December.  Now I should have spread the word on this earlier, but hey, we're here now!  I've been listening to this album quite a bit over the past month, and Nanaimo certainly has another group to be proud of.

This is an excellent 5 song showcase that has me eager to hear (and see) more.  Alli Sunshine has a beautiful voice, which easily keeps your interest itself.  The instruments are equally great, and I enjoy the diversity of the 5 tracks.  "House of Hanover" and "Baby" are my favourites, I can't choose between the two.  "House of Hanover" is a gorgeous song, a slower pace that really let's you enjoy Sunshine's brilliance.  "Baby" has a super fun guitar solo that makes me love the entire album.  The whole song is fun to hear build, and I just really enjoy how it leaves me feeling.

The Muse E.P. is worth your time for sure.  The group sounds wonderful, and I think can safely say this is a job well done.  All 5 songs create an interest to hear more. A great Vancouver Island group that will be worth watching out for.

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