Catch the Shortwave

Well we're headed back to Toronto again folks, and with good reason, Shortwave beckons.  Their new album The Skyline Verses, is the bands first kick at a full length, and I think they nailed it.   I don't often enjoy a record this much the first time through, but it really just sat well with me.  Eleven solid tracks make for a great play front to back.

There is something familiar about the sound of the whole record.  The first time through I was wondering if I had heard some of these songs before.  Not in the same-old-crap kinda way, but more in the favourite-old-diddy kinda way.  I really felt like the album just fell into the "old favourites pile", just like that.

This is certainly a more upbeat album, fourty-two minutes of music that gets me going.  I know usually I have pretty causal, easy listening on here, so that may be why I'm digging this as much as I am.  The energy is constant, and it's a good album to listen to for those times you're looking for a kick in the ass.

"Motown" is my favourite tune on the album.  I also think it gives a great idea of what the rest of the album is about.  It's just a super fun song, and much like the rest of the record, it fires up my inspiration as well.  The songs have such great beats, that the geeky inner-editor nerd comes out in me, and I just want to cut video to it!

It may be the bands first full length, but they are by no means new to the scene.  After giving this a spin, their experience is evident, and this album should generate nothing but positive vibes for Shortwave.

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