Lyme Aid 5 a great night out

Well I know it was a few days ago now, but I'm on Island Time here :) Victoria Events Centre was the stage for a great fundraiser helping support Jean-Luc Giroux, a Victoria local, and his battle with Lyme Disease. The bands and the venue were both fantastic, and it was a night that did not disappoint.

Ellisa Hartman started off the night with her super catchy tune "Smitten". It was a good crowd right from the get go, and Hartman made everyone realize in a hurry they had made a great choice for their night out. It was good to see her play, as the day before I helped Cyler Parent out on a photo shoot with Ellisa. She was just playing a few songs for the camera, but she was so awesome that I couldn't wait for the show! She is a great act to get out and see, and a fantastic way to start the night.

Next up was Christopher Arruda. I was extremely excited to see the man play live, and he exceeded my expectations in a big way. He played his keyboard the same way a mad scientist would concoct some sort of test tube Armageddon. He really commands attention and has a great voice. The show was only half over and I think we were ready to call it a winner.

Here is a surprise, Steph Macpherson was on the bill (We just can't seem to get enough of her!).  Katie Schaan and Vince Vaccaro accompanied her on stage, as well as Flugelhorn (I most certainly had to ask what type of horn it was) player known simply as Olivier.  It was yet another fantastic performance. I don't know what to say any more to be honest. Schaan and Macpherson were absolutely brilliant throughout the set, and Vaccaro added that perfect touch. It was the set of the night for sure.

A 50/50 winner was announced before Lindsay Bryan closed the evening with her set. In the true spirit of the fundraiser, the winner of the $58 dollars was kind enough to donate it back to the cause. A class act.

It was my first time really hearing about Lindsay Bryan. She has a great voice, and she had some great support on stage. She was funny and dropped a few F-bombs, which I always find humourous. I would have liked to see Lindsay play somewhere else in the line-up. Not to take anything away from the Victoria talent, but after a set like Macpherson's, you could really see the experience gap in Bryan's. Definitely a raw talent to keep an eye on.

It was obviously a very successful event. It showcased a lot of local talent, and raised some funds for a good cause. Another shining Example of local music doing good in the community.

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