I recommend this for you... An album by The Mountains & the Trees

I'd been checking my mailbox daily for about a week, and then, it was there.  I am talking of course, about my pre-ordered I made this for you album by The Mountains and the Trees (which, by the way, consists of one member, and many helpers).  I ordered this back in April, and I thought a great touch was Jon Janes, the man behind the music, promised anyone who ordered it a hand written thank you.  Lovely right?  He followed through of course and I thought it was a very personal way to send out an album.  Another shining example of an artist getting creative in this industry.

Now, if we were not in a recession, this album would cost $100 and come with a pair of comfortable shoes, that's at the least (I'm thinking you could have options, all the way up to say $20,000 and that get's you a nice compact car).  I immediately wanted to start moving, and be with my thoughts when I pushed play.  It has that kind of vibe to it off the hop, and I really enjoy that.

Unfortunately, this is where my only complaint is for the entire album lays, and it's only because I'm a squeamish wimp.  The first verse has a line about a boy breaking his arm, and the bone going through the skin.  Gives me the heebie jeebies just typing it.  I had to do a little regrouping, but the tune has a great beat (if you're on foot, you may start marching at points), and I soon forgot.

From there the album just gets stronger.  I am by no means a musical expert, but the diversity of instruments on this album is super fun.   Each tune has great depth to it, and I find myself enjoying different bits of the songs each time I listen through.  I've always been a sucker for strings, and the third song on the album, Crossing Crows, features just that.  Coupled with some beautiful back up singing by Jillian Freeman, the two sing back and forth in this instant classic.

Freeman is featured on a few songs on the album (the two work together as well with Bird & Bear, where Freeman has the lead), she lends her voice to song 4, Goodbye Little Town. If you have ever moved from one city to another, prepare to reminisce.  The song paints a wonderful picture, a scene most have us have experienced, the time to move on.

I won't go through song by song, but I hope the vibe of the album is obvious by now.  Janes has folk music figured out.  Plain as day.  He can change the instruments and the speed song to song, but the quality is there the whole time, and the album really has a great flow.

My personal favourite is Minimum Wage Lovers, a great tune for those lucky to have a special someone, especially those of you who have lived or live on the bare minimum(or less!).

The Mountains & the Trees are (is?) touring across Canada right now.  Having attacked the road viciously, including a Trans-Atlantic journey in the months leading up to this album release, Janes has done a great job creating buzz for this record to drop. I expect the demand for Janes to be high, and this touring will not likely stop anytime soon.  Check out http://www.rockandroots.com/ for all info that is The Mountains & the Trees.  Although you are too late for the hand-written thank you (although he seems to be one hell of a guy, so if you asked nice enough...), it is anything but too late to get out and see this act on tour.  While your there grab whatever merch you feel fit, and make sure to return the favour, and say thank you.

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