Malahat Revue stop in Victoria

(Photo Courtesy: Jonathan Taggart www.jonathantaggart.com)
I did not realize that Hannah Georgas, Aidan Knight, Jeremy Fisher and Said the Whale would play the entire evening together.  What a pleasant surprise.  Even better was how well they played together.  You would think the 8 musicians on stage play together on a regular basis.  The music was great, all members in sync with each other, their interaction with the crowd and each other was good, they were funny, never leaving any "gaps" in the performance.  Spending this much time together riding from show to show, the chemisty was clearly visable on the stage.  It was obvious that they were just having a great time, and that feeling seemed to spread through Sugar Nightclub. 

It didn't seem to matter who's song they were playing, the crowd ate it all up.  Both halves of the set were great, the 2nd half having a bit more energy.  The crowd really fed off of that, and the 2nd half seemed to fly by.  Live shows are always great, but I haven't witnessed a show that good in a long while.  It was just a perfect storm on stage.

You don't often get to see 8 musicians share the stage, nevermind the collection of talent that has gathered for this Malahat Revue Tour.  The opportunity to see such great Canadian artists collaborating was a ton of fun, and for those of you who have the chance to catch this tour still, I strongly suggest you do it!

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