Island SoapBox recommends "Music of my Youth"

Well Island SoapBox is heading south of the border again, staying on the west coast though.  Mike Peralta hails from Garden Grove, California, and his acoustic album Music of my Youth is a recommended listen.

It's not the same sort of acostic sound I usually dig, it's a little "grungier".  The best way I can really describe it, it is an awesome rainy day listen (not in a depressing way).  It gets your brain moving.  The kind of sound that sorts your thoughts for you. 

Peralta has a soothing voice that really pulls you in.  Coupled with basic acoustic guitar playing, the songs are very simple and sincere.  It's a great showcase of Mike's storytelling, allowing you to really follow the story of each track.

The album flows quite nicely.  It seems to be the perfect length.  The pace doesn't change a whole lot throughout the 12 tracks, the Orange County native did a great job of not trying to do too much.  It's just a guy and his guitar, I really like that.

I can see this album getting a lot of spinning time during this upcoming rainy season.  When the weather turns sour and you're looking for a source of inspiration, Music of my Youth may be the west coast medicine you seek. 

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  1. I forgot to mention, make sure you go to Mike's website and get a free song simply for tweeting!