A blog about the office today, at Gowlland Tod Provincial Park

Well I felt compelled to write up a short blog about this spot.  I hiked in with Tobias to get some work done, found a great spot to set up shop, and work away I did! Do I ever wish I could do this full time :)

It is so nice down there.  So calming and really inspiring all at the same time.  There were tons of jellyfish (this video shows how close to shore they were coming) swimming around, I saw some seals out in the distance, there was even some fish jumping around the surface.  Felt nice to work in the sun like that, even Tobias didn't complain much.

It was the perfect spot to write up a "Girls with Guitars" preview piece.  In the meantime, check out Ellisa Hartman, as she is currently featured here on Island SoapBox!

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