December Musings from atop Island SoapBox

The economy may still be in the dumps, but 2010
was a great year for music
I don't know how many of these will come, but I do know that I'm going to have to get in on these "year in review" style blogs.  I've decided for this one I'm going to list a few albums from the past year that I really enjoyed.  Please leave any feedback, and list anything that you enjoyed from 2010.  Happy Holidays!

Jeremy Fisher's Flood was an album that I was extremely excited for all year.  I was pumped to review it, and was utterly thrilled to sit down and interview him.  The album is dynamite.  Even with my excitement, it exceeded my expectations.  For an artist who seems to enjoy more success every time he takes his next step, Flood might be a major jump.  I gotta believe there will be nominations in 2011 for this great spin.

Zachary Lucky is an awesome dude I had the pleasure of meeting on one of his many tour stops in Victoria over the past year.  A very chilled out personality who just wants to play his music for you.  You can't help but want success for the passionate singer/songwriter.  Come & Gone might be Lucky's jumping off point.  It was an album that totally blew past my expectations.  Recorded in Yorkton, SK, this is a record any fan of music can really enjoy.

A band that certainly can't complain about 2010 is Island SoapBox favourites, Treelines.  "Summer Song" was named CBC Radio 3's "R3-30 Song of the Summer" shortly after the band relocated to Vancouver.  The boys used the second half of 2010 to set up shop in Van City, and have done nothing but build momentum with their release of Young Man.

That's it for this post.  I'll get another one out soon, including a short list of acts I think you should watch out for in 2011!  Who are your artists of choice? Any albums that really blew you away this year?

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