Fables for Fighters, the next album in your collection

Well you should all send Meg a thank you email for this latest recommended music.  Meg has us headed to "La Belle Province", Montreal specifically, where Chris Velan calls home.  There is still more to thank Meg for (I think she has what I listen to figured out), but for now let's talk about how awesome Fables for Fighters is.

I couldn't believe I hadn't heard anything from Velan before.  That was my first thought when I hit play.  The music couldn't have sucked me in any faster.  This is the fourth full length for the Montreal based artist, and listening to this album has sparked my interest in the rest of his catalogue.  The eleven songs sound magnificent, it's a tight album that passes time incredibly fast.  The man has a great voice, and the music behind him is diverse and engaging. 

It's actually a tough album to pull favourites off of.  As lame as it is to say, it's all good.  Seriously.  Each time the track clicks over, you are equally excited about what your ears are hearing, you forget all about the last one and fully dive into the present.  Did I mention I can't believe I haven't listened to this guy before?

Another thing I'm digging about Chris Velan right now is his approach to the upcoming tour in support of the new album (available April 19).  Looking for pledges from fans to help finance the tour, it's a great opportunity for fans to really help out.  On top of feeling good about helping, you get the album digitally, and it looks like some other pretty awesome stuff as well.  Check it out for sure.

Velan definitely has at least one new fan on the West Coast. I'm really hoping all these pledges will get the tour van all the way out to Vancouver Island, as Fables for Fighters is one of this early year's best.

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