The Ride: Update 2 - November Rain

Well I've decided that a good time for writing my updates each week will be the day after I meet with my trainer for good ole "Leg Day". That was yesterday, my legs are dead, so here we are!

Its been another great week for my fundraising goal. Last week I wrote as I hit the $100 mark, and this week I'm sitting at $195, so that's pretty sweet. I've been amazed at all the support already, it's pretty awesome people are willing to help out already, so far from the ride date. Thank you so much for all the mentions and retweets on twitter, the word has spread around. And a great big special thanks to all the donors so far, Jason Hallman, Melissa Leib, Jill Constantine, Tony Ambrogio, Paige Clarke, Mark Stephenson, Roger Lafleur, Dan Lorimer, Steph Scott, and Aunt Denise! You guys rock :)

I've been keeping up on the runs and the training in between gym nights, been hurting a bit on the longer runs lately, just gassed. So lots of work to do still, and a long way to go. But it's nice to have such a great goal to work towards. When the workouts hurt or the runs/rides are in the pouring rain, it's an easy event to think of and stay motivated.

We're in the process of getting the team up and running right now. Very excited for our bike fittings coming up. We've got great sponsors and they're taking care of us 100%. It's still going to be a bit before I get my bike and get start accumulating saddle time, so in the meanwhile I'll keep up the training and be as ready as possible for the day I get my sweet ride!

I'm super pumped for my first decent distance training ride, I've already got it planned out. I just need my sweet new wheels to get it going :)

Thanks for stopping in, come back next week!


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