The Ride: Update 1 - Fundraising Milestone and Training Day

Well I'm feeling pretty excited at this very moment. I just received my 7th donation for the ride and hit the $100 mark! Not bad for a week in I say :)

I have even gone as far as to get myself a trainer for the gym. Setting Wednesday nights aside for an ass kicking, and hopefully prepping myself properly physically for this crazy journey!

I'm about to go for a short run tonight, thought it might be a neat way to see some Halloween decorations in all their glory before they're taken down for another year.

And I'm looking for ideas or suggestions on how to fundraise for my ride, besides pestering you fine folk online :) Feel free to send me anything you think I could use, I need all the help I can get!

I've got butterflies just thinking about this ride, these coming months are going to be crazy! Thanks for stopping by.
This of course is my mountain bike, "The Ride" will
feature a slightly more streamlined setup ;)

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