The Ride: Update 3 - Stalled

Well another week down, another night in the gym in the books. It's only been three workouts, but I'm starting to hit a bit of a groove with my trainer. Things are feeling more natural, and the next day hasn't been completely miserable, so I think we're headed in the right direction!

I only managed to get out for two runs in between workouts this week. I ran a 5K faster than I ever have before, so that was great! Though I haven't got out for a good long run in a while though, so I'll be looking to do that this week. Get out and really stretch myself out and push it. Feel free to share in the comments section where some of your favourite runs or rides are!

Fundraising has gone the opposite way for me so far though.  The ride is a long way off, so I'm not panicking or worried yet, but it's making me a bit anxious for sure. I'm still at the $195 mark, so I haven't managed to coax any money out of anyone else this week. I've got some good leads for donations in the new year, so that's great. It's just a bit intimidating knowing how much further I have to get.

I've got some ideas for fundraising ideas out in the community, perhaps a store or two that I frequent up on Hastings wouldn't mind me doing some stationary riding outside their shops. It would be a good chance to see many people in the day, and I'm sure a few would be happy to give :)  I've also been told about using a bar and grill for a Beer/Burger combo which sounds like a good idea. Problem with that for me though is I don't know a ton of people here in Vancouver, so I'm not sure how many people I could get out. Do you have any fundraising ideas you'd like to share?

That's pretty much it for this week. I'm also looking to hear what some of your favourite workout music is? Whether you're going for a run/ride/workout, what do you listen to really get you ramped up? My favourite album right now is "Flying Colours" by Shad, check out the single Stylin, one of the best on the album in my humble opinion of course :)

Happy Riding all!

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