Backpack review, K9 Style...

Tobias, the model mutt.
I recently read a review on another webiste that I like to read about a Dog Pack they had tried.  Funny enough, my wife and I had the same pack before this one, so I knew just how crappy it was.  That is why I had to write this review, because this pack is awesome!

We purchased this a long while back at a shop in Victoria (Capital Iron), and we've been impressed with it ever since.  The pack is very durable, and it looks and feels this way in the shop.  It has great padding along the straps, and under the whole pack, it seems very comfortable, and Tobias certainly loves it.

The padding is soft though, so your dogs hair is going to stick to it.  Along with hair, the soft surface also absorbs water, and therefore your lovely wet dog smell to go with it.  A trip to the washing machine will solve this issue in a hurry though. 
All cool dog bags have buttons.

The pack has two great compartments for storage.  They are plenty big to hold whatever you could possibly want in there (remember to only load your dog up with a MAXIMUM 10% of their total body weight. 40 LB dog = 4 LB carry weight.).  We like to have Tobias carry his water and dog bags (and if he's lucky some treats).

The price of the bag is reasonable as well.  Right around $50-$60 depending on the size you need.  This was actually less than what we had spent on our first bag, so we were really
happy with the cost. 

The bag has held up great.  We use it almost daily, pretty much everytime we go out the door we throw his pack on him.  The zippers and buckles all still function perfectly, and he has worn it in all conditions you can think of.  Muddy hikes and bikes, nice long day walks in the sun, and anything in between. 

If you are thining of getting a pack for your pooch, Granite Gear is what you want.  The price is right and the quality is top notch.

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